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A large, handsome female landlocked salmon is handled by Maine IF& W biologists. Every aspect of the Landlocked Salmon's ecology and management are detailed in Chapter One.

The author remembers...A 1974 visit is enshrined in his memory. Can the world ever look any better than this? Chapter Two, plus Stacy LaBare's beautiful hand-rendered map guides you up and down the river.

"Helping out nature" as Maine IF&W Grand Lake Stream Hatchery Manager, Dave Marsanskis calls it. Ripe females are relieved of their eggs in early November. The GLS hatchery is a world-class facility. Read all about it in Chapter Three

A female Ephemerella subvaria or Hendrickson, as anglers know it. One of the fly fisherman's favorites, salmon love them, too! Chapter Five has much more on GLS hatches for the fisherman and nature lover.

Many celebrities have enjoyed fine fishing and the sporting life at Grand Lake Stream. Here, Baseball great Ted Williams and entertainer "Buffalo Bob" Smith, famous for his Howdy Doody puppet act, celebrate a catch. See Chapter Six for more fascinating history and personalities.

The author presents an advance copy of Tagewahnahn to Maine U.S. Senator Susan Collins at an August 13 visit to Grand Lake Stream.

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